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The Basics of Publishing your Apps in Android Mobile


Are you fond of using your android mobile phones not just for texting and calling but also for gaming and other services available using your mobile? Indeed, there are a lot of ways to enjoy your mobile phones especially that there are thousands of mobile apps that you can easily download anytime and, anywhere. These apps are free to download although there are those apps that require payment when you use it and some require you to be active online to use the app. But most of these apps, whether they are games or other features, are free to use online or offline.


But have you ever wondered how these apps are uploaded and you are able to download it? There are a lot of people who wants to invent their own app and have it published in the android mobile apps. One reason for this is that you earn money from your apps. The more users are downloading your apps, the higher is your revenue. But the question is, where do you start?


First of all, you need to develop your own app or mobile application at It can be an ebook, games, or other important features that are in demand for the mobile users. You can even have your own store by just using your own developed app. So, once you have your app, the next thing that you should do is to be able to upload it so that mobile users can download and use it.


First of all, you need create a developer account. This is very important because this account will serve as your login and identity. You just have to fill out the blank fields properly and honestly. Next is to accept the developer distribution agreement. In here, there are terms and conditions that both you and the distributor have agreed upon. You need to make sure that you have read and understand all the details stipulated in the agreement since this is bounded by both of you. A breach of contract will follow any lawsuit applicable to it and you will also be fined and penalized so you need to make sure that before agreeing on the terms, you have read and understood everything well.


Next, you need to pay for the registration fee. Since you will be making money out of your app at, you must pay fees righteously to enjoy the privilege.


Lastly, make sure that everything is complete and correct.